Day One

Hello and welcome to my very first blog! My name is Vincent, and I joined WordPress to follow my beautiful wife’s blog –  here.

But like many people I absolutely love talking, giving my opinions, reading, giving my opinions, and watching and hearing about sports sports SPORTS! Oh and giving my opinions. Not sure if I mentioned that.

In this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts, opinions, and all around genius insight on all things sports!



So today on Vincesays:

D-d-d-drumroll please.

Here we go!


As I sit here eagerly awaiting game 5 –  Pacers/ Wizards and Clippers/OKC, I ask the question, “Who is da man??”

Now before you scream “LeBron James!” like a silly schoolgirl and look at me like I have never watched a game of basketball in my life, let’s consider a few things.


I said, "Don't scream like a schoolgirl," LeBron.

LeBron is a great player no doubt, but unlike all-time-greats such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, LeBron had to leave his team to join two other superstars in order to get a ring. (Now two rings.)

But even with three of the TOP PLAYERS in the game, they lost to a sick Dirk Nowitzki and the well past his prime J Kidd. SICK Dirk! And SPENT J Kidd!

They then surrounded the trio with smart vets like defensive star Shane Battier and sharp shooter Ray Allen.

Besides LeBron who has so much hype and publicity surrounding him, here is my countdown to da man status:

3. Kevin Durant.


Right hand man.

KD is an awesome player and in all actuality, he went to a team that would make the Bucks look like a playoff team.  But in only a few years and in a brand new city no less, he had them competing for a championship! He took his game to a new level this year and dominated the MVP vote but is he da man?? I’m still going to have to say no.

Although he is pretty great, I think one thing hindering him is his right hand man. Is it coincidence that KD won the MVP the one year that Westbrook was out for part of the year? Although I think he will have to have Westbrook playing at a high level to win a championship, Westie must come to the same conclusion Robin did: “I’m not Batman!”


I'm not??

When Durant is taking and making the game winning shots, then maybe we can call him da man, but it’s hard for him to prove it when he is not given the game winning shot opportunities.

2. Blake Griffin.


Although he possesses many good qualities such as size, decent defense, and very good shooting ability, I do not think he is da man.  He has no MVPs and has never made it past the second round of playoffs.

To me, he is surrounded by better players than KD but I don’t see them beating OKC.  Soooooo nope! Sorry,  Blake – you are NOT da man.

1. Tim Duncan.


Tim Duncan Dunkin'

Earlier, I mentioned three greats (Jordan, Larry, and Bird), and this guy is right up there with them. Like Bird and Durant, Duncan joined a Spurs team that had been beaten like a drum the year before.

They had won only 20 games the previous year and Duncan led them to the biggest turnaround in NBA history at that point (beating Bird’s record).  Since then, Duncan has taken the Spurs to five championships – winning four of them. He will probably (and rightly so) go down as THE greatest power forward in NBA history.

He is not flashy or fancy, nor does he brag about how great he is. He just wins games and championships. He has played in over 200 playoff games, and after 16 years he is still playing at a high level. Since the other players mentioned are all quite a bit younger, they could later become da man but right now they are not.

So Vincesays Timmy is da man. Agree, disagree, let me know what you think, and by all means EXPLAIN why you say what you say and why you believe what you believe! Happy opinioning!